Learn By Doing

As our children enter their elementary years their confidence and abilities have blossomed. They are beginning to realize the academic gifts that the Lord has given them. Gateway Academy’s elementary program is structured to encourage this development in our young children’s intellect and character. Our classrooms are structured around the mastery of basic skills in key curriculum areas such as phonics, reading, language arts, and mathematics. Mosdos Press Literature, Accelerated Reader®, Shurley English, Bob Jones Social Studies, and Purposeful Design Math, Science, and Spelling round out our course material for our elementary students. The foundation built by the mastery of these basic skills then becomes the springboard for our elementary student’s creative problem solving and critical thinking. Resources such as physical education, art, music, daily Bible instruction and weekly Chapel support our strong academic program.

Beyond the Books

Gateway Academy is built upon the cornerstone of a biblical perspective from which students learn to view the world and their role in it. We are honored to partner with parents in the discipleship of their children and in the pursuit of academic excellence to equip them to serve God now and in the future. Classrooms that feature leading technology, together with carefully selected curriculum, research-based instructional practices, and educational professionals called by God to Gateway are the backbone of Christian education at Gateway Academy.



Call For Inquiry

(850) 654 – 9095

Age Requirements:

  • Kindergarten program for 5-6 year old students
  • 1st grade program for 6-7 year old students
  • 2nd grade program for 7-8 year old students
  • 3rd grade program for 8-9 year old students
  • 4th grade program for 9-10 year old students
  • 5th grade program for 10-11 year old students

Placement is based on student age as of September 1st


  • School hours are 8:00am–2:30pm, with drop-off supervision beginning at 7:45am.
  • Extended Care is offered from 2:30pm-5:00pm for an additional fee.
  • Classes meet five days a week, Monday – Friday.

More Info:

For more information or to schedule a tour, please contact admissions at theriot@destinygatewayacademy.com or 850.654.9095.



What Parents are Saying

Challenging each student to reach outside of themselves and elevate the others around them as well. Being supported at every turn, upholding our beliefs, Gateway Academy has given us peace of mind knowing our children are in a safe environment while our children are away from us. Now leading us into High School and onto college, we feel they have a Christ influenced confidence and the faith to take on the challenges and opportunities before them with great success!

– The Moody Family 

It’s not hard to find a private Christian school, or a private school with excellent academics, but one that fits both categories – that’s truly a rare treasure.  But that’s exactly what we’ve found at Gateway.  Teachers who have a heart for Jesus and a deep desire to show that love to our children through every aspect of the educational process; administrators who model the Gospel and also push both the teachers and students to achieve academic excellence at least one grade level higher than their matriculation level.

-Lori Ward

On the first day of school, I attended the new parent orientation. I left feeling even more comfortable with our decision to send Meredith to Gateway.Everything Mrs. Dutram and her assistant talked about made me feel so at ease and confident that Meredith would be successful here, academically, socially, and emotionally

-Lauren Deman