Dear Families,

First, as you have noticed, construction has started on a project on the front of the school to help mitigate the potential for future flooding. We have staged the construction on the building into sections and it will be ongoing for the next few weeks as we work around to the rear of the building. Our daily school schedule and events should not be affected. 

Regarding the days missed for the flood, we have built in a couple days into our school calendar to allow for unexpected closures. If we have any future closings, we will communicate make-up days to our families far in advance so proper planning can take place. 

Lastly, we are actively monitoring Hurricane Ian. While the storm appears to be heading towards the central part of the state, we will keep our families informed if forecasts change and the school schedule needs to be changed. We are praying for those in the immediate path of the storm.

Thank you for your continued support of Gateway Academy! 



Kacey W. Chambers

Head of School